Invite nature into your factory: it’s the time!

Invite nature into your factory its the time

Invite nature into your factory: it’s the time!

Why put nature into your factory? We are not talking about planting trees, or any other vegetation, in your logistics loops or production lines to refresh your AGVs!

Why talk about nature?

At AIO, as you will have understood, nature is not directly related to greenery or any other kind of tree. However, we refer to nature in the sense of ‘natural principles’. Our Karakuri® use only natural principles (physical principles using gravity, for example) to operate our passive robots. Thus, we do not use any external energy source to create motion and kinematics. It is within this framework that Karakuri Kaizen® are described as passive, they borrow energy from elsewhere as needed.

Different gains linked to nature

By using only natural physical principles to make our robots function, we can reduce the ecological impact of their use, both in use and in design. Speaking of design, our Karakuri Kaizen® robots are designed with aluminum materials and have very little ecological impact when they are designed, close to zero, as is the use of these machines.

Why purchase a Karakuri Kaizen®?

At a time when environmental and human issues are at their peak, introducing nature into your factory by buying a Karakuri® means ensuring a smooth transition to greener means of production, but also facilitating its production through improvements on several levels.

Karakuri® therefore respects the environment, but also reduces operating times on logistics loops for example (see Shishi Odoshi). Moreover, the design of a Karakuri® allows the user to produce the least possible physical effort, to avoid any injury related to too much hard work. Thus, the natural side of the work is restored, while eliminating the inconveniences of today’s industry.