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The core of Karakuri Kaizen® is making work easier, and we want to make your life easier with our brand-new marketplace.


As you know, Karakuri Kaizen® are passive robots that are ready to be integrated into green and frugal layouts. If you want to improve ergonomics and operation times, the perfect solution is to use smart, mechanical tricks. At Shop by AIO, we create frugal, turnkey devices for companies like you. We also provide valuable insight into operations and building bricks for you to create your very own Karakuri Kaizen®. If you want to opt for higher efficiency, human-centric, healthy, safe and eco-friendly factories, you’re in the right place.

Karakuri Kaizen®

The Karakuri Kaizen® marketplace and platform is a true community of ingenious people, like yourself. The shop is a place where one can immerse oneself in the latest breakthroughs and designs from lean manufacturing.


Starting from scratch is so difficult and a waste of your time! Why would you not make the most of a sharing platform to download blueprints and benefit from our collective knowledge on the shop? The AIO platform is a place of discovery and learning. Becoming part of it means that you will be notified of the newest eureka moments from expert Karakuri lean teams.


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Why Karakuri are so great

A Karakuri comes in the form of an easily maintainable robot, that is both reliable and operational. This robot is passive, lean and uses the least materials possible. When necessary, Karakuri borrows kinetic energy from somewhere else. Therefore, developing Karakuri Kaizen is low-cost, because the entire concept is frugal and saves on energy bills. The entire goal is to avoid costly and inefficient factories, to avoid waste in a global sense.


Streamlining your lines and adopting agility leads to improvements in operation times. This doesn’t necessarily mean going faster or as quickly as possible though. The main thing is staying flexible and responsive to changes. In turn, this reduces waste and time that may be lost, saving money in the long term. By using Karakuri Kaizen, there is no pointless motion, task or step. Everything is aimed at achieving the highest possible quality and most efficient end result.


Of course, the most important goal is health and safety. Kinematics and karakuri mechanisms create smart motion that is used to create slim and green factories. Such factories support their most important factor, the human factor. Ergonomics is so important for the design of Karakuri Kaizen, because the project must take the human factor into account. The collaborative robot can reduce strain caused by heavy loads and repetitive gestures, by replacing tedious tasks with mechanical tricks. The goal is to create a more comfortable working environment for operators. This minimises difficult jobs, which makes operating easier, maintenance simpler and performing kaizen with less effort.


Hence, making work easier has never been so simple than with the Karakuri Kaizen shop. At AIO, we aim for the safest and most responsible way of moving people and items.

And with the new community platform, you can do it too.

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