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The AIO MOOC teaching platform is an app created for people like you. People who wish to learn how to create kinematics and smart motion, using the world’s most flexible and modular components. People who want to learn more, discover more and exceed more. Get hands-on with it!


Our MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) application is designed to accompany engineers in their quest for kaizen. Karakuri training has never been so easy! We also take your opinions incredibly seriously, using your feedback to make our MOOC platform more substantial, more educational and more connected than ever before.


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Training modules

The platform is composed of karakuri videos and karakuri examples. This means that all that you need will be just a click away, 24/7! Design ideas, tutorials, how-tos are available for all levels. You can be just starting out with your first kaizen shop, and we can teach you karakuri basics. Or, you can be an experienced kaizen leader, and we can help you to go further. We help people who are driven by passion. The passion to create and the passion to improve. Our training modules are available in various different skill levels. Whatever your skill set, learn about truly smart DIY projects for you and your teams to succeed at while creating your green layout!


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As people grow, so does a company. We believe in developing people, before developing products. We can teach you this. Our team is composed of creative, smart people who love to teach and who love to learn. Our MOOC platform allow you to design, try and test your skills. We’ll provide the right setting and support for you to improve.


Our goal is to develop teams of people like yourself. So, challenge yourself! Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible. We can improve on our processes and on ourselves. Developing people and individual skill sets is essential for the success of your company.

MOOC platform

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