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Join our network of smart people like yourself! Immerse yourself in the latest breakthroughs as well as designs from the industry! Don’t start from scratch, rather let us help you! The AIO platform is a place of discovery and learning. You’ll be able to connect with others. Be notified to stay on top of the newest eureka moments from expert Karakuri teams. Sharing is very important in continuous improvement and the development of more lean lines. When you download today, you can Kaizen tomorrow.

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Massive Open Online Courses

Gain access to the full features of the AIO teaching platform, so as to use it anytime, anywhere. Through our platform, you’ll be able to learn more, discover more and exceed everything you ever thought. Available downloads include design ideas, tutorials, how-tos and much more. All is at your disposal for the best Karakuri Kaizen experience ever. Our MOOC platform is more substantial, more educational and more connected than ever before. One of the best uses is for your people-development strategy!

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Finally, the launch of our brand-new range of augmented reality modules is ready. Overall, it is the answer to everyone’s dreams about lean manufacturing. Can you imagine being taught exclusive craftwork techniques? Most importantly, though a high-tech interface with real-time support? Our experts are easily reached. Especially through AR interfaces that are in turn in line with digital strategies. This service aims to make exchanges easier between students and teachers. As a plus, this limits costs and lead times for Karakuri Kaizen. The result is continuous improvement for right now, or kaizen. As of this instant, let us become part of your team! Of course, we’re happy to help you to develop more skills and learn in an easier way.

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