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What we do as a company

The AIO company is dedicated to sustainability in all shapes and sizes. We create the factory of the future, where the prime focus is on people and nature. The ultimate dream is to reach an environment where operators can work comfortably and safely, where their gestures are assisted, and their arduousness is reduced. In the long run, operational efficiency is improved because the factory favours the development of each workers’ expertise.

AIO also takes energy expenses very seriously by avoiding costly and wasteful production lines. Contributing to a sustainable society in the industrial field means developing lean and flexible lines, more efficient and more capable of contributing to a sustainable society.

We achieve this through Karakuri Kaizen, passive robots that are ready to be integrated into green and frugal layouts. Improving ergonomics and operation times becomes possible with mechanical tricks. AIO designs frugal, turnkey devices for companies that opt to make more efficient, more human, more “health and safety” and more eco-friendly factories.

AIO is a “smart low-tech company”, Europe’s precursor and leader in Karakuri Kaizen mechanical systems and “zero energy” production lines. AIO develops and builds smart equipment, true collaborative robots or if you prefer, cobots.

Karakuri Kaizen®

What we believe in

We are a learning company. We believe in developing people, before developing products. Our team is composed of creative, smart people who enjoy teaching and also learning from others. Following this line of thinking, we’re looking for people whose human qualities are just as important as their know-how. Teamwork is part of our day; our daily challenges include learning more and learning better.

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In our scale-up, we prefer people who can think for themselves, not robots who do as they are told. Our goal is that our co-workers say, “my job isn’t only innovative, it’s also engaging”. AIO believes in engaging this talent and the passion of people who thrive on change and on iterative thinking. Teamwork is a major part of this. One of our mottos is: “the more you try, the better we become”.

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How we work

Our goal is developing people. So, challenge yourself! Design, try, test and improve your skills. We’ll provide the right setting and support for you to do so. Each individual is regarded as an enhancement to the team, someone who dares to be challenged and who loves to learn.

AIO has cultivated a working environment where testing and learning is possible, where we set challenging goals to challenge each other. If we are confronted with a problem, we deal with it head-on and with an open-mind.

Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible, let’s improve on our processes and on ourselves. Developing people and our individual skillsets is essential in the success of our company.

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Trust your instincts. We believe in them.

How we work 1: Our mission is to rid the world of occupational exhaustion.
How we work 2 : Our commitment is to the health of mankind and the sustainability of nature.
How we work 3 : Our promise is to do everything we can to help promote decent work.
How we work 4 : Our story is written by people like you