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Through partnerships with major automobile and aeronautical manufacturers worldwide, AIO has developed a unique vision of the world of industry. One that is highly human-centric, green and frugal about robotics, materialised by the creation of Karakuri Kaizen®. AIO is the global leader of this specific market, which is enduring long-lasting development and growth. AIO goes against what is considered to be expensive and overly energy-consuming, by starting a movement of more productive, more human, more ecological and more frugal factories. Today’s and tomorrow’s factories are more likely to use TPS values to empower kaizen. Henceforth, Karakuri Kaizen® is a great way for people-development and kaizen support.

AIO assists firms though support for engineering, installation and improvement of these smart devices, thus using lean to create a competitive advantage, to unleash innovation, and to deliver sustainable growth by developing people.

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Our vision of industry is...

More productive

A more productive factory is one that is refined, lean, free from wasteful and useless tasks where gestures take on true added […]


More human

Health at work is a major challenge for our society. Occupational health & safety can accelerate aging, accentuate […]


More ecological

Our planet is facing a tragic reality. Our once beautiful and diverse environment is wasting away much faster than the […]


More frugal

The use of frugal robotics allows us to limit energy expenditures and expensive investments. It’s a key step for industrial […]


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