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Who we are

AIO is above all dedicated to all things sustainable. We are creating the factory of the future in which the human factor is beyond doubt the prime focus. AIO is the Karakuri Kaizen® leader in Europe, a key player for plants with in-depth CSR approaches. We do our best to contribute to society, by developing smart devices that make work easier. Our devices shine in factories throughout the world, in companies that opt to be more efficient, more human, healthier and more eco-friendly. These are the factories of the future. AIO is also creator of the Numii® project, the world’s first labour health database. In short, we are developing conscious manufacturing.

What's important to us


Our society is facing massive changes. These are taking place more quickly, more deeply and on a greater scale than ever before. Work exhaustion is a challenge that accentuates […]



Factory of the future

The factory of the future is a place that focuses firstly on sustainability. That is, for its operators or for nature. As such, the ultimate dream is to create […]



Green challenges

At this instant, our planet facing a tragic reality. Our once beautiful and diverse nature is losing so much faster than the now speed of innovation. […]



AIO is the factory of the future

Finally, discover the 5 benefits of Karakuri Kaizen®

First benefit of the Karakuri Kaizen : Health and safety
Second benefit of the Karakuri Kaizen : Ergonomics
Third benefit of the Karakuri Kaizen : Operation time
Fourth benefit of the Karakuri Kaizen : empower kaizen.
Fifth benefit of the Karakuri Kaizen : Smart factory

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