Flexible equipment products

Ready-made Karakuri Kaizen® products, that are passive robots for you to integrate into your green and frugal layout. Thus, improve your ergonomics and your operation times with these tricks with mechanics. We design and assemble ‘before & after bots’ for your production lines. The devices are real turnkey equipment.

Modular components

Create mechanical devices with modular elements. Design your very own ingenious devices, tailored specifically to your needs by your in-house teams. You can also update & improve your existing ones, performing what we call ‘kaizen’ with our products.

Karakuri Kaizen® vs. TCO
Modular Karakuri Kaizen with pulley system

Continue your Kaizen adventure on your platform!

Karakuri Kaizen building bricks with spring

Building bricks

Kinematics can finally become easy with our various bricks. Benefit from our takumi’s expertise and receive a kinematic brick, that you can integrate onto your Karakuri Kaizen. Build on your current equipment and do kaizen to improve them.

Shishi Odoshi

Starter kits

Our ready to use kits are at your disposal. Indeed, they contain an arrangement of our most standard material. Appropriate for beginners, our starter kits are delivered in flight-cases. As a matter of fact, they contain the makings of your very first kaizen shop. Truly everything you need in detail to start your Karakuri Kaizen adventure.

Discover your platform
Karakuri starter kit with mechanical cam Karakuri Kaizen

If you need some help getting started, our team is at your disposal.

DIY Karakuri Kaizen with pulley system and wire


Unsure of where to start? Firstly, let us help you. We offer many designs that are ready to be integrated, that is to say smart DIY projects for you and your teams to succeed at whilst creating a green layout. This includes full blueprints and all the items you’ll need for the project.

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Automated Guided Vehicles – AGV

Today and in our plants, the AGV has all but replaced most common handling equipment such as fork lifts and pallet trucks. As such, this allows for better health and safety within each plant, which reduces the variability of supply chain loops. We design our AGV loops to take the essential loading and un-loading phases into account. This then generates simple and smart transfers without consuming any additional energy.

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