Why has Karakuri Kaizen® become a major challenge for TMC?

Why has Karakuri Kaizen® become a major challenge for TMC?

Experts from AIO had the pleasure of sharing their knowledge on these smart and frugal robots during the Lean Tour. The Lean Tour brings together professionals and local actors to share experiences and to discover Lean management through conferences and workshops. Stops are organised every year, and have been since 2015. Recently, a team leader from the AIO company participated in one in Bordeaux. The theme of the day was the “before and after bots“, and answered the question: “Why has Karakuri Kaizen® become a major challenge for TMC?”. TMC being Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Lean Tour has 3 objectives.

Promoting Lean management

Experience shows that Lean is a real opportunity for companies to transform and adapt to today’s world. The objective of The Lean Tour is to communicate about Lean management, and to promote discussions around this topic.

Sharing experiences

Lean is a demanding corporate strategy, it is therefore fundamental to be able to exchange and share experiences, successes but also difficulties, during a day of meetings.

Bringing people together

The Lean Tour day invites Lean actors in all regions of France to become part of a community. This allows them to exchange and to help each other. In turn, this encourages new local initiatives to develop a Lean culture.
This community is supported by the Institut Lean France, the French representative of the Lean Global Network. It goes through the ILF website (communication on Lean Tour), its experts (potential speakers) and its own network.