Sharing COVID-19 solutions

Sharing COVID-19 solutions

Sharing COVID-19 solutions

During this unprecedented phase, we decided to find COVID-19 solutions, AIO is doing more than ever before to preserve the health and safety of our co-workers. The whole team is dedicated to finding new and clever ways to use our Karakuri Kaizen® knowledge for improvement to working conditions, especially for improving health and sanitary conditions. To continue our full support of your activity, we’re sharing the solutions that we’ve developed in-house and are currently using, in the hope that they may also be useful to you. These innovations are currently ready on a brand-new public platform, just launched.

Reinforcing sanitary conditions helps to restore confidence

Using inventions to reinforce sanitary conditions serves a primary role in keeping teams safe and healthy. But there is another reason. By making the workplace a healthier and safer place, this in turn helps to restore people’s confidence to resume their activities. Feeling safe at work will help to bounce back from possible setbacks from the COVID-19 crisis.

An AGV that sanitises from a distance

AIO has developed some COVID-19 solutions. The first is a disinfectant AGV, which is a follower AGV equipped with a module for spraying disinfectant products. It thoroughly disinfects factories and warehouses. It works with several different modes, including following and automatic.

You can watch this video below to find out more:

A hands-free disinfectant gel dispenser

We have also thought of a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that can be used with one’s foot. It is a pedal-activated hand-sanitiser dispenser that is currently used at several spots throughout our factory, as well as Mairies and factories throughout France!

Check out this video to learn more:

And tutorials!

More innovations are coming

These two inventions are only the beginning of a whole array of products currently in development at AIO to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Coming soon are special door-opening devices, so that no-one has to touch doors, windows and buttons, as well as work-zone separators.

All are available in pre-made or DIY form. These devices are specially thought to be practical, helpful inventions to help industrials and factories to get back on track with their daily work.

A universal platform for all of your health needs

The launch of our universal platform is imminent, where anyone can access these inventions and more. This Karakuri Kaizen® platform is the fruit of our whole team’s creativity during these times, where you can access devices to help your team and your factory.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to find out more!