Factory of the future demo by Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Factory of the future by Nouvelle-Aquitaine groups together startups with high-tech solutions

Factory of the future demo by Nouvelle-Aquitaine

In 2014, Nouvelle-Aquitaine launched an ambitious plan of action to boost the productivity of the industrial network. This was based on a panorama of industrial performance. The objective is to strive for global operational excellence in companies. This improvement combines industrial performance, organizational management, digital and technological transformation, energy and environmental efficiency, as well as employee development within productive organisations, beyond the mere notion of task execution.

Their help is as follows.

Factory of the future or usine du futur help from Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The latest demo that links us together

This latest demonstrator shows the power of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and what we can do together. We have joined forces with other start-ups, also part of the factory of the future movement. Together, we bring production, creation and organisation into the 21st century.


Who we all are

Factory of the future process with production, conception and supervision. With logos of Aerospline, AIO, Diota, Airudit, Meshroom, Lynxter, VLM Robotics, Seven Shapes, ACPI, Tamaplace and Iteca

Learn more at https://www.usinefutur.fr/