Back to a simpler time

Karakuri Kaizen component for a low tech and green factory

Back to a simpler time

Back to a simpler time


Most people hear the words “production”, “assembly” or “manufacturing”, and immediately start to think of large robotic arms and an array of complex processes that are not simple. However, when we hear of modern manufacturing, we do not need to limit ourselves to the dread of high-tech automation.


Simply clever devices


The fundamentals of Karakuri Kaizen are simple and easy. They are like passive robots, the implementation is easy, that use no external power supply. This makes them incredibly eco-friendly and easy to maintain. One does not need an electronic engineers’ degree to understand them, it’s not rocket science. Karakuri can be cheap and cheerful, making them cost-effective and efficient.


This type of equipment relies on basic mechanisms built from pulleys, sliders, weights, gravity, rotations, and much more. Such elements can be very easy to install, so the learning curve is very smooth. Putting in place will go by like a breeze. Experiences users can use the same elements in order to construct more elaborate devices. In any case, they would be from the same components. Due to the simple nature of the materials that make Karakuri, performing diagnostics and making repairs is not hard at all. Hence, the upkeep does not need to be done by highly-skilled technicians. Anyone can do it, in a simple and timely manner.


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Simple use cases


Simple and slim is the goal for Karakuri Kaizen. Reducing wasteful and irrelevant actions is extremely important. Such devices can reduce work and tasks that do not add value to production lines, all the while avoiding expensive investments. A few examples would be repetitive gestures on assembly lines, heavy loading practices in warehouses and equipment with large footprints in factories.


In short, Karakuri are creative and cost-effective systems with an approach that cuts down on useless tasks that cause wasteful time. In turn, this improves the overall cycle times, all the while keeping efficiency and productivity in mind.


Simply better


By installing Karakuri Kaizen, one can reduce energy consumptions and workloads. In turn, increases in speed and efficiency become apparent. Moreover, improvements naturally occur in the ergonomics field. Karakuri are well thought-out devices with people and health in mind. It goes without saying that reducing repetitivity and heavy loads inherently improves ergonomics and reduces the chances for someone to get hurt.


With wasteful practices eliminated, the worker can focus on added-value work, in turn producing products that are higher in quality.


Can you imagine cogs and pulleys running an assembly line? Could be a strange thought!


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