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About us

AIO has a very human-centric, sustainable, and frugal approach to robotics with its Karakuri Kaizen®. As the world leader in this fast-growing market, its vision goes against the grain of energy-intensive factories. The factory of today and tomorrow is a factory where the principles of the TPS are applied and where kaizen becomes stronger. 

Developing the world’s first platform for decarbonising the industry, AIO reassures its concerns about the environment: discover how much CO2 is possible to reduce with the use of kaizen solutions instead of electric ones. 

AIO supports you in the engineering, training, installation, and kaizen of the equipment in order to create a competitive advantage, unleash your innovation, and ensure sustainable growth by developing your employees, avoiding waste and reducing CO2 emissions.

About us
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Our vision of industry is...

More productive

A more productive factory is one that is refined, lean, free from wasteful and useless tasks where gestures take on true added […]

More human

Health at work is a major challenge for our society. Occupational health & safety can accelerate aging, accentuate […]


Our planet is facing a tragic reality. Our once beautiful and diverse environment is wasting away much faster than the […]

More frugal

The use of frugal robotics allows us to limit energy expenditures and expensive investments. It’s a key step for industrial […]

AIO is the factory of the future

Finally, discover the 5 benefits of Karakuri Kaizen®

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Empower Kaizen
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