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How to reinvent health


In our digital world, how can health at work be reinvented, transforming technical advances into social progress? Numii® is the new scale for healthier workplaces, through the use of artificial intelligence. Featuring connected beacons, this swarm intelligence is creating the world’s first labour health database.


Occupational exhaustion is a challenge that accentuates aging and pain through work and its consequences, including job fatigue and work-related illnesses. Decent work puts people first, made possible through the creation of Numii, a real-time dataset for human working conditions. The Numii scale is a CES award-winning invention that creates digital factory twins, giving you valuable insight into what’s going on with production lines.


We allow CSR-conscious companies to imagine strategies made around health at work and, more broadly, allows us to imagine decent jobs for all of us. Creating digital factory twins gives a detailed view of good work practices, helping to pinpoint where hazards are. The Numii scale becomes part of the factory of the future, plants who truly wish to put humans in the center of their choices.


AIO promotes working environments that are favourable to health, we are developing conscious manufacturing.


Health at work


Health at work is a major challenge for our society. Strain today is the same as it was 100 years ago. Nothing has changed, nothing is happening, and nothing is getting better. Workers suffer just as much as they did in the nineteen hundreds with difficult, repetitive tasks. Now, more than ever, is the time for a major global change, for a boost in national and international responses to the epidemic that is professional illness. This will enable us to really protect the health, and ultimately, the life of workers.


How does it work?


Simply place one or several beacons near a person in their working environment and receive real-time bio-mechanical analysis in the click of a button. The Numii scale aims to protect each individual worker, by preserving their health through longitudinal follow-ups and risk-zone identification. Then, our intuitive AI software creates a global vision, with dashboards and indicators for improvements. The system offers a personalised view per worker, a zone status per factory, as well as a synchronised view between plants. Analyse and compare data, improve processes, and move forward to a working world without strain.

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