aio Kakaruri Kaizen
aio Kakaruri Kaizen
aio Kakaruri Kaizen
aio Kakaruri Kaizen

The European Karakuri Kaizen® leader

AIO is the key player for European assembly industries in their various CSR approaches. This “smart low tech” company excels in the foremost European automobile constructors and the massive aeronautical companies, who in turn are opting for more efficient, more human, more “health and safety” and greener factories of the future.

Leader Karakuri kaizen
aio Kakaruri Kaizen

Karakuri Kaizen®, what’s up?

Karakuri Kaizen® is not just any mechanical equipment, it is an ingenious, zero-energy solution. These systems operate using gravity, even that of the transported equipment, the materials’ elasticity, magnetism, and can indeed incorporate any other energy that could exist on a production line.
They are often apprehended in LCA – “Low Cost Automation” – approaches as well as in the CSR of big industrial groups.

Your smart low tech factory

The factory of the future is a place which puts great emphasis on the worker by assisting him with his gestures, which subsequently reduces strenuousness and improves operational efficiency. The factory favours the development of each collaborator’s individual expertise.

The factory of the future takes energy expenses seriously into account, and avoids costly and wasteful lines which support micro factories at all cost.

green factory

The 5 benefits for your assembly factories

aio Kakaruri Kaizen

Our karakuri platform !

AIO offers a range of services and products to envisage and conceive your own factories of the future, where the worker is the epicentre of attention.

AIO rethinks your Lean Supply Chain for more ergonomic gestures and improved production time.

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